Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There is a 1st for everything!

Hello blogging world!!!!
   This is my first blog and i'm actually pretty excited about it. My friend, Jamie, actually inspired me to do this. So a little bit about myself and why I am doing this blog. My name is Dana, I am a 24 yr old big girl (on the outside anyways). I have been on the heavy side since I can remember and on every diet pill and plan that you could think of. They all work to an extent, but it's never long term and it's a lot easier to put the weight back on then it is to lose it. In 2007, I had the lap-band surgery done. It was a success for the first year. I slowly stopped loosing the weight, which would have been okay, except after slowly not loosing I started to gain it back. As it sits today, I am the same weight I was before I started going to the weight loss clinic at UTMB. Now, I am on the path to having this lap band removed and having Gastric Bypass. Surgery isn't for everyone and it isn't a 100% cure. You still have to eat right, eat in portions, and (everyones most favorite thing to do) EXERCISE! None of which are my strong point. Okay, the eating right isn't so hard for me. I'm the first to try just about anything, and vegetables are my friend :) My problem has always been how much I eat and how often I eat. Portion control is never easy when you were always encouraged as a child to "eat more"! "Here you go honey, have another helping of Grandma's fried porkchops with mashed potatos, home made gravey, and green beans." Every big person in this WORLD knows that line! It's hard being a southern girl who loves southern food and lots of it!
    So how do you get past that? Will power. The food will always be there, but you're the one who can make the choice to choose the grilled or baked over the fried. The sugar free over the fully loaded. The food scale over the stomach scale. Have you ever heard the saying "my eyes were bigger than my stomach." It's true, but it's when you start packing your stomach to make your eyes not seem so off that you really have a problem, and I am back to this point.
   Which brings me to the reason of this blog! I need help (obviously)! I have a girl (I call her Danielle) who lives inside of me and she is about a size 10 or 12. The problem is, she is trapped inside a size 26/28 body! You know what girl i'm talking about! She can rock the skinny jeans with an amazing top and the right pair of heels and doesn't feel like it is clinging to every roll and her poor ankles are holding up almost 200 lbs of extra weight! Every BBW has one of these girls screaming to get out! I have never really felt like a big girl(mentally) with a few exceptions. Reality slaps me in the face when it comes to relationships and shopping! Well, i'm tired of reality slapping me, it's time this girl start slapping back. In this blog I will be writing about my journey to unleash Danielle! I will also be posting helpful eating and exercise tips and awesome healthy recipes. Look at it this way, you get a free dietician (I pay for mine)! I really hope you find this blog interesting, funny, and helpful! I will be posting again soon!!!!!!

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  1. YAY! I really liked reading this blog!!! I like it when I can read and blog and imagine the person saying those exact things--cause I can see you saying all of this.

    I really want to learn portion control. that's our problem here in this house. I have hypothyroidism, but have stopped taking the meds(a year ago) because I honestly didn't have time(nor a car) to go get them. Once I started working and was going and doing all the time, I found that I didn't need the meds. I was losing weight, so I started working out and everything was going great. My hair doesn't fall out, my skin is more clear, but the weight is still there and lately, I haven't been working out. I have a treadmill, within 10 feet of me and it's been folded up, collecting dust. It's hard for me to be (super) mom, student and employee and come home and have the energy to walk on the treadmill. But I feel I have no other choice.

    I have to go get James from school here in a bit. I think when I get home I'm going to rearrange some things. I'd like to make the treadmill accessible, so I don't have an excuse to get on it. Plus, walking clears my mind and makes me want to eat right.

    Thanks for the inspiration my dear friend!! (we need to get together one day. I always think of the time we went to that restaurant and how fun it was to get out and talk and catch up. Seems we need to do that again!!)